Artist: Amy Duran and Luis Casas

Gallery: CSULB School of Art,  Gatov East/ Gatov  West

Exhibit: Love Houses

Media: Ceramics

Instagram: @polkadot.pony

Website: N/A

About the Artist:

This week I had the privilege to view some art for sale at the BFA holiday art sale. One such artist duo who had their items for sale were Amy Duran and Luis Casas, who’s collection was entitled “Love Houses.” Amy shared with us that she is a transfer student from Cypress College and that she is currently working toward a BFA in ceramics. Although her love for ceramics is strong, so is her love for stop-motion animation, and she hopes that she can one day even get to work in this field. Among some of her hobbies are watching movies and painting, as well as decorating cakes! These cake-decorating skills are even put to use in some of her art.

Formal Analysis:

When I walked into the exhibit, I noticed that this particular gallery featured ceramic pieces for sale ranging from bowls and vases, to jewelry and pots with plants included. Along one of the walls was “Love Houses,” which features vases of intricate design. The vases are earth toned  and have flowery designs around them. Some of the art was featured on shelves while some were set out on a table.

Content Analysis:

The collection “Love Houses,” takes its name from its creators Amy Duran and Luis Casas. Amy’s first name contributes to the “Love,” portion since she let us know that Amy means love in French, and Luis’s last name Casas contributed to the “Houses,”  portion since casas means houses in Spanish. This title seems fitting considering a lot of their work would be ideal as intricate home décor. Amy also let us know that The flowery designs on the vases where made with cake decorating tools out of clay, taking inspiration from her cake-decorating hobby.

My Experience:

Seeing the art sale was a sort of key thing for me to complete this course since one of the main goals of artists is to get their art out there, and what better way than to literally get it out there into the hands of other students and into homes. This particular collection drew my attention due to its intricate detailing and learning about how it was made with household items such as cake decorating supplies really goes on to show that art can be accessible for anyone who’s passionate and willing to put in the work.