During this week’s classmate conversation, I had the privilege of getting to know Christian Gallo. Christian is a third year  Mechanical Engineering Major who aside from spending a lot of time studying, enjoys the company of animals. He has one Chihuahua currently since the other one he had passed away recently, which he suspects was a pit-bull mix. We also noticed we both have braces, and although I’ve had mine for about a year longer than he’s had his, we’re both anxious to get them off soon!

As for the question of the week, Christian thinks that the future of schools will be different in the sense that assignments will be more technologically based, as well as the whole teaching process. For example, just as this class involves a portion of online videos and blog-based assignments, Christian thinks there will be a lot more classes centering the learning process around technology. He also thinks that when it comes to this specific campus, there will be new buildings added to the school.

Learn more about Christian by visiting his site at: https://christiangalloblog.wordpress.com/