During this week’s activity I had the opportunity to share some of my daily activities and sights on my Instagram page @jasminefig_ (pictured above) as well as see what my classmates experienced through the hashtag #art110f16 (pictured below). I posted two pictures that documented the beauty of CSULB, and I found that a handful of my classmates did so as well. I didn’t find this surprising since this is a unifying factor that we all have in common, and it’s pretty hard to resist snapping pics all around campus when many of us spend a significant portion of our day here. Something else that I posted that I found I shared in common with my peer’s posts was food. It was definitely interesting seeing what everyone was eating, and even made me a little hungry looking back on everyone’s posts. One thing that I was surprised more people didn’t post were Snapchat face-swaps. But I’m guessing these are more prevalent on snapchat itself.