I chose to do my social network activity on my family, since this isn’t a group I typically think about when I think about a social group, yet this is probably the strongest connection I’ll have. I of course included my immediate family, as well as some distant family that I consider myself a bit closer to, seeing as my family is rather large and I don’t know everyone (my dad has 10 siblings!) Within the class activity, I found it interesting how many people I was able to form connections with, and how you can learn so much about the people surrounding you within a certain environment.


I feel that the term “social network,” does apply to every day life to some extent. The people that you talk to on a regular basis, be it close friends, family, or casual acquaintances are part of your network of people that you socialize with, although these aren’t necessarily the only people that you come in contact with. I agree with Dunbar’s Number because although we might be somewhat close to a number of people, many of these friendships are not long lasting, and only a handful of people at a time can truly form a connection that will last more than just a few months. I find it difficult for anyone to truly have 150 close friends, seeing as it may be difficult to devote time to so many close knit friendships. Having thousands of Facebook friends doesn’t necessarily mean that they are close to you or actually your friends, usually it’s just people you happen to somewhat know, sometimes even strangers. Facebook is mostly a way to stay connected with people, not necessarily to form very strong bonds over, although I suppose Facebook may help. When doing the fiber art activity, I was surprised at how many people you have a connection with that you may have forgotten about, or may not have thought too much into. I feel that close relationships are difficult to maintain, and so i feel that it would be hard to have more than 10, because any more than that and it would be much easier for people to start drifting away and not have that strong of a bond with anymore. I definitely have more Facebook friends than I have real friends, and mostly these people on social networks share ideas, videos, or sometimes even events that i didn’t know about. You definitely get to learn different things from people that you may not even be that close to.