Upon hearing of this assignment, I immediately thought of making this art care package for my younger sister Adamaris. Sending someone an ACP is similar to sending someone a snapchat in that it is a way of showing someone that you’re thinking about them, and that you want to share a Monet, or thought with them. It is different than sending them a snap in that this is something that you can hold on to and feel close to in the sense that it was touched, physically created, and has a little piece of them that is more long lasting and tangible.

Ephemera is something that I have always found very interesting, and something that I deem important. It’s not just about physical value, but about the emotion and feelings that may have gone on because of these items or while having a hold of them. The difference between art that is seen by many as opposed to few is the intimacy that can be poured into a more private artistic creation. It’s exclusive in a sense, and can be personalized and enjoyed by a small audience without having to to necessarily have to connect to a larger audience.

I feel that an ACP definitely has a different love than a snapchat. A snap can be taken and sent in a matter of seconds without much though, whereas an ACP truly requires effort, time, and dedication to get it finished.

In my package I put in one of my favorite bracelets that I wear all the time, as well as little encouraging notes that I think, just about anyone could definitely use! I also included some rubberband elastic a for braces seeing as she recently got hers on and I’m almost done with my treatment, and she’ll need plenty! Another little token which I think she’d appreciate would be nail polish, which is something we both compulsively buy at all times (even though I bite my nails and end up eating most of it before I know it).