Upon arriving to the Japanese Garden, I found that most people around had already picked a partner to have the classmate conversation with, but fortunately I quickly spotted Nhi Truong already walking toward me! We are both second years, and Nhi is a pre-nursing major. She commutes from Westimster, which she admits isn’t too bad of a traffic hastle. When asked what art medium she would like to share with the world, she chose ceramics, because she thought it would be something that everyone can engage in and take a part in. We also talked about favorite flowers, and after telling her that I love the way jasmines are scented (yes, that is my name), Nhi let me know that hers where anemones, which immediately led me to think of sea anemones thanks to Finding Nemo!

When discussing how we would feel if our hypothetical child were to become an artist, we both agreed that we would be okay with this as long as they knew where they wanted to go with this, and had an organized plan and a strong motivation, since finding success as an artist isn’t always easy, and requires a strong drive and persistence. When we compared the first page of our phone apps, we most notably see a difference in the layout since I have an iPhone, and Nhi has an Android phone. Interestingly enough, we both had two text messages waiting for us to finish our class mate conversation. I enjoyed meeting Nhi, and am glad I had the chance to interview her.

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