Artist: Blaine Scot Prow

Exhibition: Exctrusions

Media: Bristol on Foamcore

Gallery: CSULB, School of Art, Dr. Maxine Merlino Gallery

Website: N/A

Instagram: @tiffuts

About the Artist

Blaine is currently a CSULB senior working on his Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in Studio Arts. His preferred media form is graphic design, which he uses in a lot of his work, and while he told us his most used art form, he let us know that he absolutely despises painting, and inclusively saluted anyone who may be an art student with that particular emphasis. Blaine is currently working on his artist portfolio, which he hopes to impress possible employers with, particularly those that deal with graphic design.

Formal Analysis

When you first walk into the gallery, you see several pictures hanging all around the walls, but upon taking a second look, you can see that these are in fact 3-D creations. The backdrop of the image is a white canvas, and on the canvas is a black shaded in shape. Above that shape, there is another shape, but this time it is rising above the picture to create a more sculpturesque appearance, as opposed to just a flat surface. The lighting in the room, and the structure of the shape allows for shadows to form as well, which contributes to the geometric structures of the work.


Content Analysis

When asked on whether the specific shapes used were of any meaning, or sparked any particular feeling n him, Blaine responded that there is no specific reason for them, he simply “did it for himself.” He has always been interested in geometry and architectural aspects, so he wanted to create something that featured all those shapes commonly found in geometry. According to his artist statement, the idea behind “Extrusions,” stems from the act of cutting and folding paper into geometric shapes, which is a “unique way to showcase the transition from a two-dimensional shape to a three-dimensional shape.”

My Experience

Geometric shapes and structures aren’t something I usually think about. This exhibit really emphasizes the art that can be found all around us in the different basics shapes that make up pretty much everything in our surroundings. The clean lines and points at which they meet are the center of this exhibition, but aside from being something only found in an art gallery, they are some of the simplest every-day structures found.