This week’s project, graffiti writing, is something that is completely new to me. I have never used a spray paint can before, and the closest thing to it that I can probably even compare it to is a can of air freshener. Considering I was unable to go to Venice Beach due to time constraints, I set up my own graffiti art studio in my back yard. I was able to get some cardboard they were going to throw out from my job, and set out to have my first spray-painting experience. I was a bit afraid to say the least when i first pressed down on the spray can, and after finally building up the courage to do so, I realized the can was jammed. It took me a while to realize that you have to take out a small washer that’s under the nozzle, but after the technical difficulty I was able to spray my first letter…and it was bad. I guess I didn’t shake the can enough and out came an oily substance instead of paint. After learning from my mistakes I was finally able to spray paint my name, and despite it appearing easy when watching someone else do it, I would say i have a very long way to go before perfecting my graffiti writing skills.