When first starting off this drawing experience, I actually wasn’t quite sure I was doing it correctly. I had my sister help me out, and after an initial “are you sure this is what you’re supposed to be doing?” we were good to go! Inevitably, it was a bit awkward at first with the entire aspect of closing our eyes and joining hands in the creation of this piece, but we fought through that and continued drawing our loopy lines. I had the urge to control where  my hands moved, but I knew that doing this would take away from the experience so I let them “flow” and allowed them to create their own work. at first though, it felt more like my sister and I were fighting for control for he chalk rather than working together, but i guess we got a hang of it eventually. After finishing the first set of lines, I decided to give it a try with another color. It was much more than just random squiggles, it represented a connection between me and my sister in that every curve of that line, and the direction it took wouldn’t have been the same if it weren’t for both of our contributions. This activity allowed us to have a bit of a bonding moment, and perhaps a bit of an awkward one at that, but never the less fun!