This week I had the opportunity of talking to Daniel Velazquez who is a 3rd year electrical engineer major. He is very passionate about his major, but aside from his focus and dedication to school, he told me that he also loves running and was even in the cross country team during high school! He also likes to get some exercise in by going for a swim, which I admit sounds like fun, but unfortunately my life skills don’t include being able do any type of pool activities except sinking to the bottom. But just as much as he enjoys outdoor activities, he also enjoys eating. Now that’s something I can relate with! Among his favorites are pizza and sushi, and admits he goes out of his way to try new places that have his favorites to offer.

Aside from talking about things we enjoyed, I also learned that tragedy recently struck close to him with the death of one of his pet parrots. When asked what the name of the bird was, he jokingly responded with “I really don’t know, a lot of them die.” He shared with my that he really loves parrots, and that they’re one of his favorite types of animals.

Daniel stated that since he is a future electrical engineer, he has always been fascinated by the way electricity and lights have been used to create beautiful spectacles. Ranging from how they are used to mesmerize people in performances such as concerts, to how it can be used simply to lure you into a business through a neon sign.

You can get to know Daniel a bit better by visiting his site at: