Upon hearing of the assignment, my initial thought was to depict my death through an accident in which I would be run over. I definitely tried not to think too into how morbid this activity really is! When I arrived to Michael’s (taking advantage of the fact my sister needed a few things from there) I initially intended on setting up the car in a place that would be more realistic for me to actually get run over like the small paths between the parking rows, but none the less, the occasional car making it’s way here and there made it impossible…or at least very difficult. So I did the next best thing, I parked my car and imagined a scenario in which some horrible luck caused me to get run over precisely where one of the only cars in the lot decided to park!

I got a few looks from people passing by, but my primary concern was how dirty the floor may have been. This is definitely the last thing that would matter if I had really died, but luckily after the pictures were taken I was up and running and wiping my clothes off!