Upon speaking to Selena Lara for the first time, one of the first things she mentioned was her passion for her current major, which is Health Care Administration. Apart from that, she also loves taking long walks on the beach, or simply sitting and enjoying the ocean’s beauty.  One of the moments Selena particularly cherishes was standing front row at a hardcore music festival, which she described as an “amazing yet scary experience.” Well at least we know she had a good view!

We also talked about our fears, to which she replied that she would hate to have an unfulfilled life in which she would’t be able to make her parents feel proud. So far though, she seems to have accomplished what she’s set her mind to. At 20, she’s almost done with her bachelors, has made her way onto the President’s list, and has battled her way through depression!! Makes me proud to have interview such a perseviering person!

As for the question of the week, Selena thinks that art is definitely important in todays world. She went on by stating that “although it’s taken for granted , when it’s appreciated it can serve as someone’s get-away.” She also mentioned that art is constantly being “appreciated and described in different ways.”

Now here’s a picture of Selena looking oh-so tiny next to me!!