I arrived at Redondo Beach a bit later in the afternoon with hopes that i would effectively complete the plaster casting activity and not mess up in my attempt to do so. After seeing up, I began digging holes in the sand that would serve as the molds for my plaster casts, and then went on to get ocean water since the sand was far too dry. After wetting some sand, i stuck my hand in the mold and proceeded to fill the area around my hand with the wet sand. Upon removing my hand, I wasn’t sure if the mold would keep the exact shape of all my fingers, but that would be something I’d have to wait and see.

I then poured the plaster mixture into my bucket and mixed in some water. I then poured the mixture into my molds, of which I made two different types. One was of my hand stuck vertically into the sand and the other lying horizontally. I didn’t know which would come out better but hoped that one of them would at least resemble a human hand.

After waiting about 35 minutes, I carefully dug up the plaster casts from the sand and realized that the one of my hand lying horizontally looked a lot more like a human hand, unlike the other which looked more like anything but that. Overall it was a pleasant experience which I thoroughly enjoyed.